Brendan Wolf

Brendan Wolf is a US composer, jazz pianist, and audio producer born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. At age 17, he recorded his first album “The End of the Beginning” and performed with “The Starlighters” Jazz Quintet for several years in Santa Barbara while studying at UCSB. Brendan is currently pursuing a Masters […]

Jerome Rossen

Jerome Rossen is a composer, songwriter and audio producer. He is best known as the composer for the Happy Tree Friends, a web-based, independent, cult sensation recognized as the most-viewed web series of all time, with over 2 billion video views. Jerome has created music for over 25 video games, most recently for kids games. […]

Lev Strider

My name is Lev Strider, I was raised in Boulder Colorado by far out hippy beatniks and I’ve been writing songs since I was a little boy.  Now I write music for movies, tv and games too. Hands on experience in unity and FMOD has been incredibly helpful to overcome my intimidation factor.  I’m actually […]

Matt Jacobson

My name is Matt Jacobson and I’m a freelance sound designer in San Francisco. I double majored with a B.M. in tuba performance and sound design at Northwestern University. I graduated with Core and DSP certificates from Pyramind Studios in San Francisco, a wonderful sound design and production school. I absolutely love sound design, post […]

Davin Agatep

My name is Davin Agatep. I am a composer/sound designer, web content producer, and public media professional. I have an MFA from the Academy of Art University in Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media. What you’re seeing here is the first time I added sounds and original music to a level in Unity […]

Brennan Anderson

I am a composer and technical sound designer with a passion for effective storytelling through audio. From Austin originally, I was surrounded by music and creativity my entire life and quickly worked my way into a career in game audio. I love video games because they are a great medium to tell stories, make social […]

Jonah Perry

Jonah took our class at the Academy if Art University. He is a real self starter and also volunteers his time teaching free sound for games classes to lower income students at the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment in Oakland California. My name is Jonah Perry and I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was […]

Rick Ross

My name is Rick Ross and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in New Media Technology and a Master’s degree in Recording Arts and Technology. Following graduation I wanted to learn more about the specifics of audio for video games and did so through Steve Horrowitz and Scott Looney’s Game Audio series on MacProVideo. I was so impressed by […]

Luca Theis

‏My name is Luca Theis, I am a second year Music Student at Academy of ArtUniversity. I am originally from Luxembourg, where I got my fundamental Music Education at the Conservatoire de Musique de Luxembourg. ‏In my Unity Level, I focused mainly on keeping the sounds as realistic as possible, the triggering as well as […]