Join our Partner Program!

Are you a teacher, administrator or faculty member at a recognized academic institution? If so, you can purchase GAI game lessons for use in your classrooms at a substantial discount. Just contact us using the information below and we will get the ball rolling.

We work with school both large and small to meet the needs of their students and faculty. GAI special bundle discounts to schools and institutions add up to significant savings. Plus we will put your logo up on our site and let the world know how cool you are along with connecting you into the global sound for games community, a real plus for your students looking for jobs after graduation.

Currently, our book, game lessons and teaching method are being successfully used by the major universities and trade schools you see scrolling by on this page.

Additionally if needed, we can also help with Curriculum Development.With 20 plus years of experience in the field we can help you develop all kinds of courses. From single classes to full degree programs, let us consult with your educational advisors to taylor an educational path that best fits your school. We are also happy to visit your school, present workshops and master classes and train your staff and teachers in large or small group settings, or better yet, you can send them out to our annual summer workshop at San Francisco State University where they can get personalized hands on training.

Institutional partners are very important to us. Our goal is to develop solid relationships with teachers and schools all over the world. Together we can create fantastic programs that support students headed out into the new digital economy!

For further information about how to become involved on the institutional level, please contact us directly:

Steve (at)

scott (at)

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