Game Audio Institute workshops are available for Students, Teachers and Schools – anyone anywhere interested in furthering their knowledge concerning the complex and dynamic world of sounds for games and interactive environments. Just contact us about booking one at your school! steve (at) or scott (at)

All of our workshops and materials are designed to break down and expose the essentials of game audio workflow. Maybe you’re  a game designer who needs to understand more about how sound works, or a composer or sound designer in the Film/TV industry with a desire to break into the game business, perhaps you’re already a professional audio instructor who has been tasked with creating a course in game audio at your school or institution. From the beginning designer just starting out, to seasoned veterans, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We have a variety of courses available, from beginner to more advanced levels, all of them are listed below, and come with a Unity example level, bundled with MasterAudio, Fabric or FMOD. We also include step by step documentation, that you can take with you and refer to afterwards as you keep developing your skills and resume materials.

OS-GAI-101W – 3 Day Game Audio Intensive At SFSU

If you’ve taken this course or are already knowledgeable about game audio concepts and wish to participate in intense hands-on learning, try our Game Audio Summer Intensive at SFSU. We’ll be covering Implementation in Unity, middleware with FMOD, and spatialized audio for VR/AR as well!

A fun and intensive hands on workshop and practical training in the art and craft of Game Audio with an emphasis on the exciting new worlds of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality!

Steve Horowitz, SFSU Faculty, and Scott Looney from the Game Audio Institute
Join us June 2019 at San Francisco State university for High Level hands on training
Early Bird Pricing Available
For any and all questions contact Steve:

104-One on One or Small Groups: Program and Teacher Consulting

Looking for more then a one day overview? Well, this is the place! Sound for games and best practices can be a huge and involved subject. If you or your school are looking for more personalized attention we can help. With more then twenty years of industry and educational experience, we’re confident that we can […]

103 Game Audio For Teachers, developing curriculum

1 Day Workshop: Game audio classes, programs and departments are springing up all over the world. From single overview courses that fit into existing audio tracks to complete accreditation programs and degree tracks solely dedicated to the art and craft of sound for games. Have you been asked to create a game audio course for you […]

100 The World of Sound For Games!

Two Hours presentation: The video game industry is in a state of flux. Tidal shifts are rippling through the waters as new delivery systems, next generation consoles and new formats take hold. In this fun and informative presentation, Game Audio gurus Steve Horowitz and Scott Looney will chart a path thru the evolving playing field […]

102 Game Audio For Sound Designers

This intensive 2 day workshop is geared more for sound and music professionals. Learn the tools and theory.

101 A Game Audio Primer

Ever wondered how sound for games get created? This 1 day workshop for musical and non-musical types provides a fun and entertaining overview of the wacky world of sound for all types of games, from mobile to triple A.​ Get familiar with the tools and workflow for developing sound for games Explore the history of […]